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Engaging ELL parents with Rosetta Stone for Schools

by Rosetta Stone
Parent and child work on a lesson together on a tablet device

Districts using Rosetta Stone for Schools’ powerful platform for immersive language acquisition can also extend the program beyond the classroom to engage parents, staff, and the entire school community with language learning for all.

Benefits of Rosetta Stone for Schools for parent programs

With its flexible implementation models, Rosetta Stone for Schools can be used as part of your existing adult English learning programs or used independently for English language acquisition and speaking practice at home. Regardless of the implementation model, there are many benefits to extending English language learning resources to parents and families in the school community.

Language learning from the experts

When providing Rosetta Stone for Schools licenses to parents, they get the same language learning platform as student learners. Our research-driven program helps students at all levels and ages learn a new language.

  • Rosetta Stone’s structured immersion gets learners using their new language immediately without the need for translations and instructions
  • TruAccent speech recognition provides immediate feedback on pronunciation and speaking practice, helping learners gain confidence
  • Scaffolded lessons build skills from a single word, to phrases, to sentences and eventually to full conversations

Parent engagement and student success

When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.

As family members build their English skills, they can better communicate with teachers and staff, strengthening their ties to the school community and allowing for more involvement in their students’ education. If their student is also using Rosetta Stone, family members can participate in the same lessons as their children, encouraging engagement with your school’s academic programs.

A parent guides their child through a lesson on a tablet

Convenience and flexibility

Rosetta Stone empowers parents to learn anywhere, anytime. With desktop and mobile compatibility, adult learners have convenient access to our immersive lessons across devices. Our award-winning mobile app includes Offline Mode, which allows learners to download lessons for on-the-go learning or to complete at their own pace if they do not have reliable internet connection. Progress is synced for each user across all of their devices.

Title III funding

Districts can use Title III funds for Rosetta Stone for Schools licenses for both student and adult English language programs. Title III programs help ensure that children with limited English proficiency become English proficient and meet the same standards as their English-speaking peers. Easily scale your program to expand access to your school, district, and community by adding more licenses as needed.

Rosetta Stone for Schools for adult learning programs

In addition to English language learning, districts can extend world language learning to their school community for a variety of benefits

  • Encourage parental involvement in world language studies to support student achievement and build awareness of school curriculum. Students and parents can work on the same lessons together.
  • Improve communication across the entire school community by allowing staff to learn the home languages of students and families in the community. Staff will be able to better support students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Extend language learning benefits to school staff, including administrative, teaching, custodial, and food service employees as a staff benefit to provide a continuous learning opportunity.

How to use Rosetta Stone for parents and adult learners

Our implementation guide for parents and adult learners includes tips on how to quickly and easily start your adult language learning program.

Provide a quick start guide

Share username and password credentials in multiple formats to ensure all families receive this important information. Distribute sign-in information via both email and hard copies of our Quick Start Guide (available in English and Spanish). Remember, even if your student accounts are integrated using a learning management system or single sign on, parents will use direct sign in.

A screenshot of Rosetta Stone's Getting Started Guide in Spanish shows how parents can easily begin using the program.

Make access easy

In addition to desktop access, our award-winning mobile app allows families to practice their target language anywhere. Parents can download the app for free and sign in with their same credentials.

If they have limited access to the internet or limited data plans on mobile devices, encourage families to use Offline Mode. The mobile app, whether used online or in Offline Mode, will provide identical learning experiences. Click “Offline mode” in the desired lesson when connected to the internet, then click on “Use offline” in the bottom right corner to download the lesson to the device. The lesson will be available and accessible offline for 30 days.

A screenshot of the Rosetta Stone app shows a downloaded lesson for offline learning on mobile

If you can provide a dedicated space and time where family members can come to your school building and learn with Rosetta Stone, you may see increased buy-in and engagement in the language acquisition opportunity you are providing.

Celebrate successes

Once parents have accessed Rosetta Stone and started their language learning, create a consistent check-in schedule. Consider running a usage report every two weeks and sending home updates on usage and progress.

Recognize high-use learners with incentives or invite them to share their tips for success with other parents and family members.

Interested in extending Rosetta Stone for Schools to your school community? Contact us to see how Rosetta Stone for Schools can support adult learners in your school community with our powerful platform for language learning.

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