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Teacher and administrator resources for successful implementation

by Rosetta Stone
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Rosetta Stone for Schools supports teachers and administrators with English and world language learning. We have a wealth of resources ready to help educators get started quickly and provide ongoing support to schools using our platform. Whether you’re new to Rosetta Stone for Schools or have been teaching with us for years, explore these helpful resources.

Important contacts

Keep these contacts handy so you can reach out to the Rosetta Stone for Schools team with any questions or requests.

DepartmentEmail addressHelp with
Financear@rosettastone.comInvoicing, credit card payments, payment questions
Engineeringsalesengineering@rosettastone.comSupport for any integration inquiries
Professional Developmenttraining@rosettastone.comScheduling PD or training sessions
Rosteringimplementationsuccess@rosettastone.comSetting up and managing rostering
Technical Supportinstsupport@rosettastone.comTechnical support such as accessing licenses or viewing student progress

Helpful links

These links provide tips on everything from how to get learners started to creating reports as they progress through Rosetta Stone for Schools.

Getting started guide How to set up and register individuals and groups of learners
Integration options Guides for configuring LMS integrations for Rosetta Stone access including Clever, Canvas, Classlink, and Moodle
Using the Rosetta Stone app How to sign in to the mobile app
Learner management How to add, change, remove, and manage learner accounts including changing language, password, or curriculum, and checking licenses in use
Course contentsIndex of phrases and vocabulary by unit and lesson
Placement for students with existing language experience  Options for determining placement for students with previous language experience
Placement guides for English language learnersUse students’ English proficiency exam scores to determine placement
Planning & Goal SettingTips on implementing Rosetta Stone for Schools and setting usage goals and expectations
Overview of Rosetta Stone FoundationsHow to track student time in Rosetta Stone and determine passing percentages
ReportingOverview of reports available and how to schedule them

Teacher Resources

Explore general and language-specific resources that help educators supplement student learning.

  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Placement Guides
  • Test and answer keys 
  • Workbooks
  • Flashcards
  • Memory card game
  • Unit reading exercises 
  • Focused readings
  • Storybook and audio files
  • K-2 specific content

*Please note that not all resources are available for all languages and levels

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