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Explore updated Spanish teacher resources

by Rosetta Stone
Image of Rosetta Stone for Schools Spanish test for units 1-4

Rosetta Stone for Schools provides a comprehensive curriculum for 25 languages to support world language students and English language learners. The lessons in our online platform provide practice in all four domains of languageā€“reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition to the language practice within the platform itself, we also offer supplemental materials and teacher resources that support educators in their implementation of Rosetta Stone for Schools.

Rosetta Stone for Schools teacher resources

Rosetta Stone makes lesson planning easier with a variety of teacher resources such as scope and sequence guides, classroom activity plans, printable worksheets, tests, and more. Educators can explore all of the teacher resources for Rosetta Stone for Schools on our support site. There are general materials as well as language-specific materials for English (US and British), Spanish (Latin America), French, German, Latin, and Italian.

Updated Spanish tests

To better serve educators using Rosetta Stone in their classrooms, we continue to improve our existing resources and add new materials. One of our recent updates focused on Spanish (Latin America) language resources. 

We have updated the tests for Spanish across all units. The changes include

  • Revisions to tests in Units 1-16
  • New Lesson Tests added for Units 16-20
  • New complete answer key for all Lesson and Unit Tests
  • Audio files that support the listening comprehension portions of all tests

The tests are printable PDFs and can be found under the Spanish tab of our teacher resources page.

Additional Spanish teacher resources

In addition to the updated Spanish tests, Rosetta Stone offers additional resources to support Spanish teachers. Explore our teacher resources and download materials like teacher’s guides, workbooks, flashcards, classroom games, reading exercises, and more.

We also offer resources specifically for K-2 learners that help teachers integrate Rosetta Stone into early elementary classrooms.

The cover of the Rosetta Stone for Schools Spanish Alphabet Book shows letters an images that appeal to early elementary learners

Contact us to learn more about Rosetta Stone for Schools in Spanish classes or other world language implementations.

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