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A new look for Rosetta Stone for Schools lessons

by Rosetta Stone
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Rosetta Stone for Schools’ powerful language learning platform helps English language learners and world language students develop language naturally. Our program exposes students to their target language in an immersive environment where they learn through context and reasoning, similar to the way our brains learn our first language.

Learning with real-world images

Scaffolded lessons in Rosetta Stone for Schools build on each other, helping students progress from a single word to phrases and eventually sentences and full conversations.  Throughout the lessons, real-world images are a central part of our intuitive learning method. These images, along with audio from native speakers, help students assign meaning to the new words they encounter.

A screenshot from Rosetta Stone for Schools shows part of a lesson that helps create connections between images and sentences.

Rosetta Stone for Schools image updates

We continue to improve and update Rosetta Stone for Schools to better serve educators and students. One of our most recent updates involved the images that are so central to our structured immersion method. We have updated the photos in numerous lessons across all 25 languages offered by Rosetta Stone for Schools. Educators and their students will see these new images from the first lesson of the first unit. 

Our new images provide better immersive clarity, improved representation, a more modern look, and a more appealing visual experience. 

A screenshot from Rosetta Stone for Schools shows a series of images revolving around sleeping.
This before image shows a previous language lesson.
A screenshot from Rosetta Stone for Schools shows an updated series of images revolving around sleeping. The images have a more modern look and improved diverse representation.
This updated lesson from Rosetta Stone for Schools shows samples of the newer images we are using across the platform.

And we’re not done yet! Our team is continuing to update photos throughout lessons to continue incorporating these important changes throughout our language learning platform. 

Even if you’ve seen Rosetta Stone in the past, our updated lessons with fresh photos have improved the learner experience. Interested in seeing our updated platform? Contact us today!

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