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English language learner placement with Rosetta Stone for Schools

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English language learners come to classrooms with varying levels of English language exposure and unique learning needs. Educators are challenged with providing each student with a curriculum that meets them at their current proficiency level while also helping them progress.

Rosetta Stone Placement Guides

Rosetta Stone for Schools has developed placement guides for English language learners to get them started quickly in the the right Rosetta Stone unit. We recommend that all K-5 students start in Unit 1 regardless of proficiency test scores. For students in grades 6-12, these placement guides provide recommendations based on students’ scores on the most common English assessments, the ones they’re already taking in their classrooms.

Cover of Rosetta Stone for Schools placement guide for WIDA Screener and ACCESS for ELLS grades 6012

State English language proficiency assessments

Rosetta Stone for Schools Placement Guides are available for English language proficiency assessments used in every state including: 

How to use Rosetta Stone Placement Guides

Educators can determine placement for any student who has taken the proficiency test used in their district. In just a few short steps, students can begin practicing speaking, listening, writing, and reading English at the right level for them. 

  1. Gather students’ state proficiency test scores.
  2. Visit Rosetta Stone for School’s Resources for English Learners and select Rosetta Stone Foundations Placement Guides.
  3. Find the corresponding placement guide, refer to each student’s score, and record the recommended starting Unit.
  4. Assign each student the appropriate starting unit and aid them in accessing it from their menu.
Page from Rosetta Stone for Schools Placement Guide for Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) showing chart with TELPAS level and corresponding placement

ELL teacher resources

Rosetta Stone for Schools Placement Guides are just one of the many resources that are available for ELL teachers. Explore our Teacher Resources for English Learners to see activities, readings, and more!

Interested in learning more about providing a comprehensive curriculum for English language learners in your school or district? Contact us!

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